Our Mission Statement At Love Bug:

To serve our community by providing an intelligent, fun and effective avenue for singles to meet and develop healthy, lasting relationships.

Love Bug’s Professional Matchmakers

Our team of professional matchmakers works together every step of the way to help you in your search for a healthy relationship. We know that our success—and your success—depends upon us working together and keeping the communication lines wide open.

One of the great joys of our matchmaking service is getting to know so many people in our community and helping them on their journey to find love.



Love Bug’s Northern Colorado Community

At Love Bug, we have a passion for helping our community. We are a creative and diverse group with the common traits of being caring and supportive, not only of each other, but also of all of our members. We host a local singles group event several times each year to help local singles meet each other and have some unpressured fun! Contact us if you’re interested in attending our local singles group events.

We also support a number of charities in the community:

  • Project Self Sufficiency
  • Realities for Children
  • Ramstrong

The Love Bug Team

We are a group of people that care deeply for our community and for others. We are contributing members of our respective communities as individuals and as a team. We also contribute to local charities as individuals and as a team. As a team, we count married, married with children, single and single mothers in our ranks.

We love and take seriously the task entrusted to us: to help single members of our community find love and happiness through building lasting, healthy relationships.

We come to the table with different backgrounds and life experiences. We have varying degrees of training and coaching experience and work together in supporting people in changing their lives for the better.

Communication Skills – Putting the Personal in Personal Dating Service

We believe that the most important building block of a healthy, lasting relationship is open, honest communication. We pride ourselves in great communication skills and the ability to really understand what our members are telling us. As a personal dating service we realize that it is this one-on-one interaction that counts!

The work we do rarely ends when the office closes for the night. We frequently find ourselves brainstorming matching possibilities before and after hours. That’s because we know that long lasting relationships don’t end at 9pm! The whole Love Bug team collaborates and compares notes about our members. It’s a full-on effort to find you a fulfilling match. Whether you are a Cheyenne, Greeley, Fort Collins or Loveland single, we can help you find love, and for love to find you.

Matchmaker Quotes

“It’s rewarding to participate in helping to change someone’s life for the better.”

“The only reason we exist, is to help our members succeed in their search for a truly satisfying and healthy relationship,”

“We love our members and enjoy getting to know them. The highlight of our day is when our members stop by or call to let us know how well they are doing.