Dating In Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado is a great town for online dating websites like ours. That’s why Love Bug was attracted to this urban oasis. This is a university town and the culture is vibrant and alive. There’s a rocking music scene, a thriving arts community, restaurants abound here, and then there’s the great outdoors – a day’s hike in the Poudre Canyon or Lory State Park makes a wonderful ‘getting to know you’ date.

One of the perks of the Love Bug job (can it really be called a job?) is that we often get to help our members plan a really fun date with some helpful suggestions. We love to do this and, since we’ve been doing it for so long, we do it really well. We have good ideas for any kind of date. Just ask us for help and we’re happy to step in.  It’s what makes Love bug one of the great online dating websites in Fort Collins.

Four Romantic Date Ideas

  • Movie Date – The movie date is a classic because it’s an easy date to go on. If you’re nervous about meeting someone for the first time (“What will we talk about?”), then a movie may be the antidote. Go to an interesting, thought-provoking movie where you’ll both sit in shared silence and not have to make conversation; then go for a walk, a coffee, or dessert afterwards and talk about the movie! Guaranteed conversation and you can often learn a lot about someone just from his or her taste in films.
  • Dinner Date – A dinner is a great second date. You’ve gotten to know the person a bit already and so you’ll feel more comfortable going out for a full evening. Go out to a nice restaurant here in Fort Collins….and linger over a leisurely meal. You’ll chat the whole time and really get to know your date much better than you did before.
  • Active Date – Fort Collins is home to a number of great destinations for outdoorsy types and a hiking, biking or rafting outing is a great way to have some fun in the sun and get to know your partner at the same time.
  • Only In Fort Collins Date – Late night bowling to the sounds of live reggae music is an awesome date. So too is a round of miniature golf or playing laser tag. Rent a motor boat out on Horsetooth Reservoir, or for that ‘happy hold’ celebration, take a hot air balloon ride high above Old Town.At Love Bug we’re full of great romantic date ideas, and once we have a sense of your personality, we’ll help you think of great Fort Collins dates for you and your partner.