Love Bug’s Couples Matchmaking Services

Our experience in the matchmaking field since 1992 has taught us a thing or two about how to help people find a date – or a mate. You might say we’ve got the relationship thing down pat.

How It Works

If you’re reading this, it might signify that you’re looking for someone special ….and it sometimes is challenging finding him or her. You know that there are a lot of singles in Colorado and Wyoming that you would be compatible with. But no one viable has crossed your path yet.

Well, we can help.

Maybe you’re thinking: “couples matchmaking services are only for ‘romantically challenged’ people – those who are ambivalent about commitment or have failed again and again at partnering up.”

Or perhaps you think using couples matchmaking services signals one’s inability to gain attention from the opposite sex on your own.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Love Bug members come from all walks of life; from students to seniors, from doctors to teachers to farmers and nurses – we run the gamut.

Some of our members are accomplished people with busy lives, some are retired and are looking to share their active lives with a mate now… and others are just starting out and would like to find a partner to begin a family with.

We call them ‘circumstantially single’. And that’s where we come in.

Matchmaking services are a perfect solution to an age-old problem.

“How can I find the love of my life – or at least a dream match – when I don’t like to go to bars or resort to having my friends set me up on blind dates?”

Well-meaning friends and family want to see you paired up – but their options are limited. They themselves don’t know a wide range of single people in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. And they wouldn’t have the time or the systems to screen any prospects that they did come across. They have busy lives too.

We know far more people who want to know you than you’ll ever come across by yourself ….or with your well-meaning friends’ help. Some you are just going to LOVE!

There are all sorts of singles in Colorado and Wyoming who are looking for love. Older people and younger people, tall people and short people, divorcées, widows and widowers and those who never married… and people who have been ‘circumstantially single’ their whole lives.

You name it, and we know someone who’s had a similar situation as you find yourself in today. We believe everyone deserves to find love.

Love Bug’s Dating Process

Once you become a member, what happens then?

First we spend some time getting to know you. We interview you. We ask you about your life experiences. We talk with you about the kind of relationship you’re seeking. The more we know about who you are, your essential character, the easier it will be to find someone that you will come to cherish. And vice versa.

Since we’re taking the same rigor with every member, you can be sure this is a hand-crafted match – there’s nothing automated here!

Then we talk to you about potential matches. We’ll tell you about their hobbies, interests, goals and even show you some recent photos. Then you decide who you will meet.

Now let the dating begin.

At this exhilarating stage, we let you go at your own pace and cheer you both on from the sidelines. We encourage you to check back in regularly to see if we’ve suggested matches that have been a fit – or a near fit. This feedback helps us refine our matchmaking and focus in on finding you someone who’s just right for you.

The last step we affectionately call ‘the Happy Hold.’ It means you’re not looking anymore, because you’ve found someone special.

Dear Amanda, Lisa, Robert & StaffWe can’t thank you enough for matching Sherri and Gene together.

We were married on July 7th 2009! I sincerely appreciate your staff and their assistance in introducing me to my soul mate.

If it wasn’t for Love Bug I would never have gotten married again. We have so much in common.

Now I have a dad figure in my life and the other good thing is that my dog loves him too!
Ashley (Sherri’s Daughter)

A New Chapter

Life happens. Long-term relationships end. Lovers and spouses pass on. Life changes make you feel vulnerable and scared. We empathize.

At Love Bug we help you turn the page. It’s about coming to grips with what has happened, accepting your situation and your new role in life… and then working with that reality to find what works next.

A page in your life is turning and it’s up to you to write the book.

Senior Dating

At Love Bug we believe that later in life is a great time to meet someone new. There are a variety of reasons why senior dating can be a wonderful new opening in a long-lived life.

Dear Love Bug Matchmakers,

Ten weeks ago we had no idea of the big change that was to occur in our respective lives. We met at lunch and found that we share many mutual interests. We have discovered that we really enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other.

It has been two happy months for us and we want to date each other exclusively.

Charlotte and Norm

No matter your age, Love Bug wants to help you find the companion of your dreams!