Love Bug, The Best Relationship Advice in Colorado

After nearly two decades in the matchmaking field, working with thousands of singles and helping many of them find true love, we have a lot to say about relationships. Let us give you the advice and guidance you need to start a healthy relationship.

Between the ages of 20 and 30 your eyes have already scanned some 250,000 people in search of your ideal love mate (reference *). Let us help you stop the search, find someone suitable and settle into a long lasting relationship.


Healthy Relationship Tips

First, let’s be clear about the kind of relationship you want to have. At Love Bug we’re interested in helping you find a healthy relationship. What does that mean? It means that you want something reliable, respectful and long-lasting.

  • Healthy Relationship Tip #1
    Be yourself. Phoniness repels people. And authenticity attracts. Don’t ‘should’ yourself either – accepting yourself with all your flaws helps you exude confidence. It’s a paradox – but loving yourself, despite your self-critiques, helps others love you too!
  • Healthy Relationship Tip #2
    Listen. The only way to truly get to know someone is to listen! Be patient. Encourage your date. Allow him or her to open up about themselves – their inner core. Put yourself aside and concentrate on what you might learn in the moment. Listening to someone in earnest is probably the most respectful and flattering thing you can do.
  • Healthy Relationship Tip #3
    Don’t get into a relationship with an imaginary lover. Get into a relationship with the actual person you’re dating! It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how often people want their partner to change into an ideal. It won’t happen. What can happen is that you can create the perfect relationship for you.
  • Healthy Relationship Tip #4
    Here’s a twist on the famous quote from JFK: Ask not what your partner can do for you; ask what you can do for your partner. A relationship is about giving. If you go into one expecting to get a lot, you will most certainly be let down. Instead, go into a relationship hoping to give and to share, selflessly, with your partner.
  • Healthy Relationship Tip #5:
    The best relationship advice comes from the conversations that you have with your partner. Don’t be afraid to talk to each other about the relationship you’re in. In fact, you should do so regularly so that the lines of communication remain open. If everything is terrific, tell your partner about your exuberance and satisfaction.If there’s something that bothers you, express it in a productive and kind way, and allow your partner to respond as well.

Some Common Relationship Problems

Every relationship comes up against some hard times at some point. But relationship problems aren’t a sign that the relationship isn’t working. Instead it can be a sure signal that the relationship is growing and that you might need to grow with it.

The important thing to keep in mind during these worrisome times is to keep communication lines open, and to remember why you’re in the relationship in the first place.

Issues like money, sex, responsibilities, communication styles, house work, comfort with commitment —these are the sorts of set-backs that most couples experience. At Love Bug, we offer tips and advice to help you through them.

We see these relationship problems as opportunities for a partnership to develop and be strong.

Some Common Dating Problems

Forays back into the dating world needn’t be tentative. You can do this ‘dating thing’ with gusto and enthusiasm, if you have the right perspective. We’ve been helping people date since 1992. It’s amazing. When it comes right down to it, what differentiates Love Bug is that we are, at the end of the day, consummate dating coaches.

We know just how hard it can be to go on a first date as an adult – after you’ve been out of circulation for a long time. You think you have to find something to say to avoid awkward silences. You think you have to give a 100% perfect impression. You also wonder how you’ll evaluate the person you’re dating, without coming off like an inquisitor.

Divorced moms returning to the dating scene, widowed dads who have a myriad of pressures to deal with, on top of dating, high achievers in the business world who seem to have lost the power of discernment when it comes to picking a partner….we can help everyone find a match – and maybe a mate.

We go all out to help you through this process happily and even joyfully.

Here are just a few tips you might consider before the first date.

  • Remember that both parties are experiencing doubt and nervousness, not just you!
  • Remember to be yourself. No pretenses please. It takes so much effort to put on a false front. Be real instead. They’d get to know who you are eventually anyway!
  • Think of a few questions to ask besides “what do you do?” and “what’s your favorite movie?” Keep the first date light. If this person catches your interest, there will be plenty of time for the deeper questions on future dates. Enjoy learning about a new person; laughing and sharing. Get creative with this so you’ll have satisfying conversations!
  • Bring your sense of humor. People are looking for all sorts of ‘date traits’ – but nearly everyone appreciates a sense of humor. It’s the universal attractor. Piece of advice? Don’t be funny at someone else’s expense – especially your date’s.

These are general tips for healthy dating. We also want to give you customized ones. Here we get personal —working one on one with you to help you put your best foot forward. Give us a call to find out how this relaxed and rewarding dating can happen for you!