Matchmaking Success Stories

We would like to share these testimonials from some of our members

Dear Love Bug,Norman and I wanted to write and express our gratitude, you gave us hope and the courage to find love.We got married April 17, 2010. We have Love Bug to thank.Norman and I met November 8, 2008; we both knew soon after we met we had something very special and later discovered we had found our soul mate.Thank you so much, may each of your singles be fortunate enough to find what we did.

Best of luck,

Angie and Norman

Dear Love Bug,Thanks to everyone at Love Bug for bringing the two of us together. Darin and I are very happy. We now own a house together where we are enjoying each other and life together.We get to spend time with his kids as a family doing things like camping, watching movies and playing with our dog. I can now say that I have a family of my own.We are going through good and bad times together. We are helping each other out, no longer going at it alone. To think that I almost didn’t join and Darin was at the end of his membership. Hard to imagine that we almost missed out on finding our true love.Thanks Again,

Michelle and Darin

Dear Love Bug,I would like to request to be put on Happy Hold.I joined Love Bug expecting to meet single men with similar interests and walks of life…. What I found exceeded my expectations…. These weren’t the typical on line dates that I had tried and found to be disappointing and unsincere. The caliber of the people I met was so genuine, the process was very real.The staff was so professional and courteous.I met Jeff the first week of my membership, and wow what a breath of fresh air, he is a man of high integrity, family values and honesty. And if that weren’t enough, we have too many similarities to list. We find ourselves laughing and talking for hours on end. I am excited to see where life takes us and so grateful for the opportunity Love Bug has given us.

No more Internet nobodies or shallow Hal’s from the bars…… Love Bug has the process down!

Thank you, thank you! Susan

Dear Love Bug,I am writing this letter to request a Happy Hold.I need to thank you for introducing me to Susan. I think her and I are a perfect match, we enjoy each others company very much. Susan has a very enjoyable personality, she is kind, sweet and very pretty. We have the same sense of humor sometimes we laugh until it hurts, we are having a lot of fun together.I believe that Love Bug has a good process matching people, Susan and I have so much in common. We hit it off very quickly and we look forward to spending time together to get know each other better.Thank you Love Bug!!!

What fun!


Dear Love Bug,Dan and I just wanted to thank you for matching us with each other. He is truly the most amazing man I have ever known! And he is a fantastic husband and father. If I could have drawn you a picture of the perfect man for me it would have been of him. He is so caring and compassionate! He is driven just like me. And when I am with him I feel safe and secure. He definitely completes me! So from the bottom of my heart . Thank you!


Dear Love Bug,I’m writing this letter because I’m very happy to say that I want to be “Happily on Hold!” I enjoy Angie’s company very much. Angie is a very bright, intelligent and funny person. Her uniqueness makes it a joy for me to be around. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Thank you so much for getting us together! Thank you to Wendy, Lisa, Renee and Vera at Love Bug!


Dear Love Bug,Thanks so much for everything. We enjoyed being members, but the time has come… Dustin and Megan are ready for Happy Hold!Dustin is everything I have ever wanted – and many of you matchmakers know firsthand just how picky I am!He is a truly amazing person who makes me feel loved and appreciated every single day. I’m so thankful and grateful to have him in my life, and if not for Love Bug, I never would have found him.


Dear Love Bug,Megan is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She represents everything I could possibly want in a soul mate and more. Her kind heart, energy and personal beauty draw me closer every day. She is the love of my life. I am very thankful for Love Bug making our relationship possible.Thanks again from the happy couple.


Dear Love Bug,I have never been treated with such kindness, respect, compassion and love. Maurice is a true gentleman and a “man of God” and I am not letting him go.God has blessed us in finding each other. Thank you for the personal touch and your dedication to matching couples who are compatible.

Maurice and Tamara

Dear Love Bug,We are very happy to inform you that Maurice and Tamara have married. Thank you very much for putting us together! You are definitely agents of God. We have been truly blessed and the perfect match that you put together. We can’t thank you enough.God Bless You,


Dear Love Bug,Austin and I met about one month after joining Love Bug. After our first date, we knew we wanted to see each other again and planned a second date for just a few days later. Several dates later, we found that our personalities, wants and needs are very similar and we began to grow as a couple.We want to say thank you, Love Bug, for matching us, we could not be happier!

Austin and Lauren

Dear Love Bug,Jim and I connected on our very first meeting and have seen each other at least once a week since. Since we’re dating long distance, we spend lots of time on the phone. We’ve found that we have enough things in common that we’re talking marriage in the near future! Thanks Love Bug!

Bonnie and Jim

Dear Love Bug,After two months with each other, we have already decided to see each other exclusively. We have so much in common with each other that we’re as close to perfect as anyone could ever get. We’re so much alike in so many ways.In reality, nothing is perfect, but he is perfect for me. We share everything together. We think the same thoughts, share the same unique imagination, we even finish each other’s sentences. I’ve never met anyone else with this much compatibility. Not only is he the one, he is also my best friend as well. “Perfectly Imperfect.”


Dear Love Bug,Time goes by far too quickly, for it seems like only yesterday that our eyes met for the first time. Now, two months have passed, and I know that she means the world to me. Our dreams, our goals, our interests, even the little ways we say so much, without saying anything at all, are so intertwined.I know not how you did it, but you brought my soul-mate to me. Her heart is true, her care is deep, and I just keep falling for her. No one in my life has ever touched me the way she has. She is so unique, and so wonderful, that I know she is the one. “Unusually Unusual.”


Dear Love Bug,There is only one true happiness in life: to love and be loved.
How lucky we are.

Claudia and Richard

Dear Love Bug,Cindy and I both agree that we want to explore this beautiful relationship. It continually amazes us how much we have in common and how similar our thoughts and interests are. I have a hard time believing how fortunate I am to have Cindy come into my life. She is so kind and caring, compassionate, warm and loving… she makes me feel so very special. .. something I haven’t felt in a long time.How lucky am I?We would also like to thank you for bringing us together. Chances are we would have never met if not through you. We will keep you posted on how this once in a lifetime relationship is progressing.

Cindy and Sam

Dear Love Bug,We have finally stopped smooching and snuggling long enough to write and let you know we want our files placed on Happy Hold.Thank you for bringing us together. We have a great beginning to a wonderful, lasting relationship.

Mike and Debbie

Dear Love Bug,Life is good!
Frank and I are having special times together.
I feel blessed.

Leah Rae and Frank

Dear Love Bug,Well, I was truly surprised that you presented me with the love of my life so quickly. My second date! Felix was not only just right for me, but I seem to be just what he was looking for too. Please place us on “Happy Hold,” which is what we intend to do for the rest of our lives (happily holding each other, that is). Thank you for your expertise in matching us. We will be eternally grateful!


Dear Love Bug,I must echo all of the above. Thanks you for making us a very happy couple. We plan on making this a permanent arrangement soon.


Dear Love Bug,In response to talking to you last night, I am putting myself on hold for right now. I met Warren through your service and we are dating at the moment and having the time of our lives. He is such a gentleman. We have lots of fun and really enjoy each other’s company. I will keep you informed of any changes. I know that I would not have met him if I hadn’t joined your service.

Kimberly and Warren

Dear Love Bug,We (Cait and Troy) would like to be placed on happy hold. We are really enjoying spending as much time together as we can. I never knew I could be so happy!

Troy and Cait

Dear Love Bug,Ten weeks ago we had no idea of the big change that was to occur in our respective lives. We met at lunch and found that we share many mutual interests. We have discovered that we really enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other.It has been two happy months for us and we want to date each other exclusively.

Charlotte and Norm

Dear Love Bug,I have made a strong connection with Darin and would like to see where it will go.


Dear Love Bug,Things are going great so far with Michelle and I. She really likes my kids and my kids had a great time with her. Both of our birthdays are in April. See how two Aries go at it. All in fun my fingers are crossed. She’s really a neat person and pretty special.Thanks Love Bug.


Dear Love Bug,We would like to thank you for introducing us. We are really enjoying getting to know one another. We couldn’t ask for a better match. We have so much in common. More than you’d ever know! Thanks again for bringing us together.

Gary and Denise